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Education Week Open Day at Lugarno PS

What a day!

Our day began with an introduction to our first

Student Led Video Conference

with three other schools in NSW:

Belair Public School ,

Kitchener Public School and Floraville Public School.

 6B found it fun to see themselves on TV and they couldn’t help waving to themselves!

We listened and watched presentations from one of the schools

and then it was our turn to introduce ourselves.

We had brainstormed the things we thought we’d like to share

and then had a silent vote on who would be best to present this time.

Rhiannon, Madison, Sarah and Haymish were voted in to present.

As Haymish was unwell on the day Natalie G stepped up and did a great job filling in.

After our turn of letting them know all about our class and our great school we had to rush off to our Open Day assembly!

Zac and Gabby did a great job of helping me host the assembly. We had the school band play, our three dance troupes perform, Athletics Carnival awards handed out and videos shown. Even part of our Buddies Photostory with our cute Kindergarten buddies was featured!


Then it was time for our very special event!

The event were had been practising for weeks and weeks.

The parents assembled on the basketball court

and all students from K-6

danced in a Flash Mob!

It was so cool! It looked so great.

It’s featured on our school website and is even on youtube.

Have a look below…



After lunch we had open classrooms

and we encouraged our parents and visitors to look at our classroom and write comments on our blogs!



What a great day!

What part did you enjoy the most ?

Athletics Carnival

6B experienced their last

Athletics Carnival


Lugarno PS!

GRIN: High School Transition Days

Year 6

attended two days in the local high schools.

They had a little taste of what high school will be like next year.

The boys attended Georges River College; Peakhurst Campus

and the girls visited Penshurst Girls High.

They visited the computer labs, art rooms and science labs.


Write down three things you learnt

whilst you were

at the high school.

Monty Boori Pryor

Just  before Naidoc Week

Lugarno PS students were very lucky to have a special visit

from an aboriginal storyteller and performer

Monty Boori Pryor.

He made us listen, he made us dance and most of all he made us laugh!

A great site to explore about Naidoc Week is


 What did you enjoy about Monty’s visit?